Baby Nursery Paint Colors: Trends of the Year

Whether this is your first baby or one of many, preparing your baby nursery is probably one of the most fun exercises there is, excluding the crib assembly of course. There are so many things to factor in before the highly anticipated arrival of your little one, so we’ve curated some trending baby nursery paint colors that other expectant moms are putting on their walls.

If you’re stumped and are undecided on nursery bedroom ideas, here are some of the best baby nursery colors we’re seeing this year.

Powdery Pink

Pale pink for a little girl’s room? Groundbreaking, we know. But – there’s a reason this color has stood the test of time. Just the right amount of pastel pink can create a calming, warm, and soothing environment – the kind of environment you’ll crave most in the middle of the night.

Earthy Tones

This may not seem conventional, but nothing is really more grounding than the natural beauty of the earth. Warm tones of brown and beige can be really great for a developing infant, as neutrals have a tendency to be exceedingly easy on the eyes.

Subdued Green

Keeping with an earthy vibe, muted greens like moss or sage shades can be quite beautiful. Green has the ability to evoke associations with health, healing, and anxiety-reducing benefits. Opting for blue-greens like sea foam and mint have the same warming effects.

Wintery White

Soft, creamy whites can create an environment Chock-full of calming and serene elements. Opting for soft ivory or an antique white will create more warmth than that of a bright, harsh white. The best part is you can accessorize as freely as you choose, the sky’s the limit.

Soft Blue

Again, if you’re willing to think outside of the box – baby blue doesn’t just have to be for a baby boy. Blue really gets behind the psychology of color. It can physically lower blood pressure, heart rates, and reduce anxiety to name a few. Stick with powder blue, light turquoise, or aqua for the greatest benefits.

And the winner of the best baby nursery color is – the one you decide to put on your walls. The memories created in this space will last forever. The good news is, the experts at Spray Finishes are there to make sure the process runs as smoothly as possible. Let the experts at Spray Finishes show you the way. Contact us today for a consultation!

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