Styling Techniques to Pair with Dark Room Colors

Getting ready to paint your home’s interior? Why not go bold and use dark room colors? Using dark colors in your home can create a sense of comfort and give your home an unexpected dramatic flair. On the other hand, dark room colors can overwhelm your living space if not used strategically. At Spray Finishes, we’re paint color experts, and we wanted to offer these 8 tips on using dark paint colors to help you create a variety of room styles and moods.

  1. Enjoy Jewel-Tones

When thinking about dark room colors, rich jewel tones like emerald green, navy blue, and ruby red probably come to mind. These deep hues work well together to create beautiful room styles. Choose one color for walls and then choose additional colors that sit together on the color wheel for trim and accessories. For example, emerald green walls in the living room design calls for cool turquoise hues or high-contrast oranges and yellows.

  1. Beautify with Brown

If you’ve got a room with a variety of furniture styles and finishes, then consider brown for the walls. Brown compliments most room styles, so you can really have fun with how you decorate. Choose an eclectic mix of furnishings and accessories that are noticeably lighter or darker in color than the walls. Each piece will stand out, but the brown will tie the room together at the same time.

  1. Go on Red Alert

Red walls provide an energetic and warm atmosphere, but need you need to be careful to not go overboard, because red can also rev up fiery feelings. Choose a contrasting color (perhaps from the green family) for trim or accessories to help cool down the red. And if you’re using curtains in the room, then choose a red pattern atop a white background to make the pattern pop. Curtains that are completely red will fade into the walls.

  1. Accent with White

No matter what dark room color you use, white paint is always a great accent choice. Paint ceilings and woodwork bright white for a crisp finish that frames walls and amplifies the wall color’s impact. Use satin or eggshell finishes on walls, flat finishes on ceilings, and glossy finishes on woodwork to create shifts in luster that boost visual interest.

  1. Bet on Black

Most people might think black paint is too extreme for a room color. True, black doesn’t work in every room in your house, but black is a creative way to make small bathrooms feel roomier. You can complete the look with white fixtures and white tile wainscoting. Or, choose chrome fixtures that reflect light to add a touch of class and sophistication. Warm up the room by displaying mirrors and artwork in brown wood frames.

  1. Create Texture

Keep dark-walled rooms from falling flat by introducing a diverse selection of textured furniture and accessories. Choose some that are similar in color to the walls and others that offer eye-catching contrast. Some examples of textured items include basket weaved chairs, plush rugs, linen throw pillows, pleated curtains, or intricately detailed furniture or artwork.

  1. Let it Shine

Dark room paint always benefits from the addition of some sparkle. Deep-toned walls will emphasize the silhouettes of crystal-draped chandeliers, mirrored furnishings, and silvered accessories. In turn, these reflective accessories will amplify natural light to bring a cozy glow to the room throughout the day.

  1. Break it Up

Do your dark-colored walls feel overwhelming to you? If so, use strategically placed pictures, art work, mirrors, and wall clocks to break up the solid block of color. These decorative items add visual interest to the room and allow the eye to rest.

Still not sure if dark room colors are right for your next project? Contact Spray Finishes for a consultation. We can answer all of your questions and show you an array of color choices. We can custom match major manufacturer’s standard colors or match a color you bring to us.

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