How Color Influences Customers’ In-Store Behavior

It’s no secret that we are emotional beings. Whether we are conscious of it or not, the majority of our decisions are based on some kind of emotion. This decision-making process is in full effect all day, heavily influencing how we carry out everyday tasks. How we are influenced is usually a combination of internal and external factors. While we are hard-wired to act a certain way based on genetics, our external environment also affects our behavior.

How we consume things is a significant part of our daily lives. Our purchasing behavior is dependent on our mood, our needs, and our wants. As a business, tuning-in to the needs and desires of your customers is an effective way to achieve your bottom line. The psychological effects of color have been a popular area of study. So, if you’re looking for some guidance in getting more engagement and sales, maybe it’s a question of what color you have on your walls. Let’s examine how you could take advantage of the way color influences your store environment.

Set a theme

If you’re looking to inspire, engage, and influence your customers – set the stage. Incorporating a theme into your store will give shoppers a feeling of cohesiveness and structure. Using certain paint colors for rooms can also help bring your theme to life. To evoke a feeling of relaxation and tranquility, try using blue hues and shades. The color blue is associated with water, which usually uncovers some good memories or thoughts. Customers may want to stick around a little longer to explore.

If it makes you happy

Happiness is usually the most coveted emotion of all. While a store owner can’t do much about a customers’ mindset before they enter their store, they can do something about evoking or maintaining some positivity throughout the shopping experience. Orange is a paint color that can really play on your emotions. Orange and brown can create an inviting atmosphere for shoppers, giving off the impression that they are truly welcome.

Make it eye-catching

Creating a visually appealing display is one thing, but a good sale is almost more significant. If you dedicate an area of your store to display sale items, you’ll want your shoppers to notice it. Using colors that evoke a feeling of urgency is a great way to grab their attention. Red and yellow are often used in everyday life to communicate urgency and caution. In your store, customers will be sure to pay attention to those sale items flying off the shelves.

Tie it all together

As a business owner, you want your brand to be recognizable and memorable. Your store should be no exception to your branding strategy. If you have formatted a brand and logo with distinct colors and style, keep it flowing. According to a study at the University of Maryland, brand recognition can increase by upwards of 80 percent based on the colors used. So, if you’ve established a color that works for your brand, bring it into your store and incorporate it where you can.

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