5 Ways to Beautify Your Storefront and Increase Foot Traffic

With more and more brands going online and the rise of e-commerce businesses, it may seem appealing to rid yourself of rent and store merchandising. However, maintaining a physical store will always come with its advantages.

Consumers enjoy the whole shopping experience. In-store, you can feel and examine the products beforehand. You can avoid shipping fees, technical issues, and sending your credit card information into the abyss of the internet. So, with these perks, how can you ensure your brand is standing out from all the other brands? We’ve curated some great ways to get consumers’ attention and increase foot traffic in your store.

Here are Five ways to increase foot traffic in your physical store:

  1. Your feature presentation.
    First things first, before you think about how to drive in-store traffic, make sure what you are offering is of quality. Your products should be representative of your brand just as much as your store is. If your storefront has a display for passers-by – give them a taste of the best you have to offer.
  2. Less is more.
    Retail traffic is a beautiful thing. Generating more foot traffic is a matter of finding out what makes people tick. As creatures of the digital age, we are overwhelmed with a plethora of information every second. Use your storefront display to give just the right amount of information with a minimalistic approach. Ample white space and symmetry are pleasing to the eye.
  3. Be yourself.
    It may be tempting to see what else is out there and follow suit. However, if you’re replicating an image that is not cohesive with your brand, you’ll struggle to establish brand loyalty. Understand your target audience and demographics; you should focus your communication strategy towards appealing to this group rather than the general public. Incorporate your logo and color theme where applicable throughout the space.
  4. Display window.
    A window is not just a window. Selecting the right glass for your display could be an essential factor in getting people through the door. There are different styles and thicknesses, engraving or decorative touches that could be applied, etc. If you have a generous display window that is open and clean, you’re giving yourself a fighting chance to stand out amongst your competitors.
  5. Variety.
    There’s a high probability that the individuals who walk by your storefront do it on a regular basis. For this reason, you want to give them a variety. Changing up your display once a month will show customers that you are actively engaged in creating a new and exciting experience for them. And with all of the e-commerce competition out there, showcasing a dynamic storefront will make you a great contender.

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