Could Your Stairs Benefit From Onsite Electrostatic Painting?

A statement staircase can be a beautiful feature for any multi-level business, store, or restaurant. As one of the major focal points of your space, and with the large volume of individuals who use and see it, it’s essential to highlight and maintain its integrity.

Our professionals at Spray Finishes have recently completed two successful projects in Manhattan’s newly opened Hudson Yards retail mall. Do your stairs need a facelift? We are elated with the results of our recent onsite electrostatic painting projects.

Estiatorio Milos

You can see our fine work at Estiatorio Milos on the 5th floor of Hudson Yards. We electrostatic spray painted their feature staircase a crisp bright white. The beautiful craftsmanship of the staircase that leads you from the bar and kitchen area to the dining room was designed, fabricated, and erected by Veyko.

Neiman Marcus

For the grand opening of the first Neiman Marcus in Manhattan, it was an honor to collaborate with Lafayette Metal and Glass, who crafted and built the staircase. The staircase, which rises to the fifth and sixth floor of the department store, was painted an elegant bronze on the railings and spindles of the stairs.

Why Spray Finishes?

Spray Finishes is highly specialized in electrostatic painting, metallic paint & specialty coatings, architectural, storefront, structural, staircase projects, commercial projects, residential projects, and so much more. We are unique from many other painting services, with our tested and quick dry electrostatic painting methods – perfecting the execution of any project that comes our way.

We can customize and color match any aspect of your brand or logo – while offering durable and eye-catching painting methods. The beauty of onsite electrostatic painting is that we come to you. If you are in need of some paint in your life – contact the experts at Spray Finishes today!

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