Porch Colors To Improve Your Curb Appeal

If you’re one of the lucky ones, your beautiful family home comes equipped with its own porch. There’s something special about a porch. While it has the capacity to extend your living space, it also allows you to enjoy the great outdoors and watch the world go by. It can be a very welcoming feature to your home, and experimenting with color is one great way to make it pop.

Fear not, a porch in any condition can be brought back to life with the right TLC. If you’re wondering how to repaint an old porch, you’d be amazed how far electrostatic painting can take you. So, how does one determine which porch colors work best?

Your front door

This is probably the most popular feature of a home’s exterior to paint. It’s not uncommon to visualize the classic red door of a standard family home, in fact, we love it. While a red door may not be for everyone, the idea of bright, bold color is highly recommended. Why not have fun with it? It’s important to note that bold colors don’t need to be bright. You can opt for deeper, richer colors as well. A deep green could be subtle enough once you surround it with plants and accessories that complement one another. The best part about painting your front door is that you can get the effect of a major facelift. If you’re not in the right mindset for a complete front porch overhaul, spray painting your front door could be the perfect solution.

Your porch ceiling

This may not be the first area of your front porch you’re considering throwing color on, but it’s a good one. Opting for softer tones is a great way to brighten the space, however, since you’re outside – you’re not breaking any rules if you go for a deeper color. Using a pale or powder blue could prove to be very appealing and visually interesting. After all, who wouldn’t want to lounge under a permanently blue sky? On the other side of the spectrum, a navy tone would also be very tasteful. And of course, there’s always classic white or linen shades. Most importantly, think of your home’s existing colors and consider what would complement them.

Your porch floors

A great way to maximize the beauty of your front porch, while getting some added protection to high traffic areas, is through spray paint. Let’s face it, the elements are not kind to a home’s exterior and this is especially true for the floors of your front entrance. Stand outside and look at you home – take in the colors of your roof, siding, stone, and brickwork to make a decision. We like to suggest using warm blues, slate grey, mossy green, or a nice opaque red. It’s also a good idea to look at your neighborhood for inspiration – staying within the range of style and historic feel to your town will give your street a more cohesive vibe.

Your porch furniture

Did you ever consider giving your outdoor furniture a new look? This is a great way to bring old, tired furniture back to life. As with the other features of your front exterior, if your furniture isn’t going into hibernation each winter, odds are they’re getting their fair share of wear and tear. Thanks to electrostatic spray painting, your options are not limited when it comes to painting outdoor furniture. If your porch is more on the neutral side, make your furniture stand out. Consider colors which pair well with nature, such as a calming green, a deep berry, delicate blush shades, and classic blue. Again, if a major revamp isn’t in the cards, giving your furniture a boost is a great alternative.

A front porch is truly one of the best features of a home, so make it enjoyable. Bring your porch back to life and paint your front door as you’ve always wanted, give your furniture a little color, or make your porch floors pop. There’s no better time than the present. The electrostatic painting experts at Spray Finishes can help you get the most out of your outdoor living space. Contact us today for an onsite consultation!

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