Your Guide to Metallic Paint and Specialty Coatings

At Spray Finishes, we understand that our customers demand a lot from their paints and coatings. They want their paint to look great, be extremely durable, and have minimal environmental impact. That’s why we use the most durable finishes available for professionals, including Scuffmaster® paint.

With thousands of colors to choose from, Scuffmaster has the perfect finish for every interior—from subtle and sophisticated neutrals, to shimmering whites, to a variety of vibrant colors. These coatings are designed to be easy to use and are consistently ranked as the most durable finishes in their class. Furthermore, Scuffmaster coatings are environmentally friendly; they use zero-VOC formulas in all of their paints and every finish they make contributes toward LEED credits.

If you’re looking to give your interior design a little something extra to really make it pop, then consider metallic paint and specialty coatings. Spray Finishes uses Scuffmaster paint to provide a variety of metallic paint and specialty coatings, including:

  • Smooth Pearl: Looking for the perfect light-catching pearlescent color? Smooth Pearl cranks up the colors you love with a shimmering pearl effect and crystal clear protective top coat. It’s perfect for creating sparkling whites, blacks, and everything in between.
  • Ambient Metallic: If you’ve got a high-traffic area or a space that needs to be cleaned regularly, there’s finally a coating that looks great and stands up to the challenge. Beneath Ambient Metallic’s sparkling texture you’ll find an extra-tough, polyurethane formula that creates a surface that’s up to 10 times stronger than typical paints. Pick a base color you love and pair it with a metallic pattern coat to create your very own custom color.
  • Solid Metal: There are other metallic paints on the market, but none are as vibrant or as durable as Solid Metal. Solid Metal is the only metallic paint specially formulated to meet the demands of high-traffic commercial interiors. That’s probably why it’s also the best-selling metallic paint on the market.
  • Armour: Armour’s unique, textured surface is 45 times stronger than regular latex paints, earning Armour the title of The World’s Toughest Paint. The glossy texture of Armour lends colors a soft, dewy appearance, so you’d never know by looking at it that it’s the most durable, cleanable interior paint around.
  • LiquaPearl: LiquaPearl’s unique blend of color and pearlescent shimmer creates a finish with a one-of-a-kind sparkle and unbeatable durability. It’s a great choice for architectural features and accents, or any highly visible space in need of a show-stopping finish.
  • Polomyx: The original multicolor finish, Polomyx creates a beautiful, tactile surface that performs as great as it looks. Marks and stains from everyday traffic are concealed so walls look better longer and require fewer touchups.
  • Zolatone: With Zolatone paints, you get more of everything. You’ll get more dimension and more texture than you would with a regular paint. You’ll also get a longer lasting and more durable finish that holds up to the wear and tear in high-traffic areas.

Spray Finishes, a division of Stone Services, has been in the electrostatic spray painting business since 1938. They specialize in on-site painting, and also have a 10,000 square foot shop for large off-site jobs. Spray Finishes’ friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to serve you at any of their five tristate area locations, including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island, and Westchester. Contact Spray Finishes today for an estimate on your next painting project.

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