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Update With Paint 101

If you’re unsure how to upgrade your office, incorporating paint is not only one of the easiest options, it can also be the most beneficial for workflow. Here are some great ways you can introduce paint into your workspace.

Color Influences 101

If you’re looking for some guidance in getting more engagement and sales, maybe it’s a question of what color you have on your walls. Let’s examine how you could take advantage of the way color influences your store environment.

Repainting Window Frames

You’d be amazed how beautiful your windows could be if you knew how to highlight them. Repainting window frames may just be the project of the year. So, if you’re wondering how to paint old windows – keep reading for some inspiration.

Mixing Paint Colors 101

More times than not, a spray gun will become your best friend. Before you even begin your project, let’s take a look at some recommended tools and accessories that will make your lives a little easier.

Furniture Repair And Restoration

Furniture Repair And Restoration: Repainting Have you discovered some furniture around your home or office space that could use a small facelift? It may be tempting to go out and throw money at the situation, but if you’ve come to…

Electrostatic Paint Elevator Doors

The beautiful thing about the architecture in the Tri-State area is the history behind it. While we all love a shiny new building and all its modern touches, there’s just something unique about the character of an older building. If you’re lucky enough to own or work in a commercial space with history, odds are there may be some building features that could use a little TLC.

Ceiling Paint Trends 101

Renovating a home or office space requires the navigation of a whole slew of options. While some decisions may be more fun than others, choosing paint colors seems to be one of the highlights. Thanks to the beauty of the digital world, we have an infinite number of outlets we can consult to become inspired. Researching home interior trends or paint color trends will usually give you more than enough of that inspiration you seek.

Baby Nursery Paint Colors

Whether this is your first baby or one of many, preparing your baby nursery is probably one of the most fun exercises there is, excluding the crib assembly of course. There are so many things to factor in before the highly anticipated arrival of your little one, so we’ve curated some trending baby nursery paint colors that other expectant moms are putting on their walls.

Summer Inspiration: Best Porch Colors

If you’re one of the lucky ones, your beautiful family home comes equipped with its own porch. There’s something special about a porch. While it has the capacity to extend your living space, it also allows you to enjoy the great outdoors and watch the world go by. It can be a very welcoming feature to your home, and experimenting with color is one great way to make it pop.

Onsite Electrostatic Painting

Could Your Stairs Benefit From Onsite Electrostatic Painting? A statement staircase can be a beautiful feature for any multi-level business, store, or restaurant. As one of the major focal points of your space, and with the large volume of individuals…