Experts in commercial electrostatic painting projects

Commercial properties receive a high volume of visitors and experience an increased amount of wear and tear. As an expert in commercial electrostatic painting projects, Spray Finishes is capable of assisting with on site electrostatic spray painting in commercial spaces in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Commercial Painting Services

Spray Finishes has experience spray painting the following:

Office Furniture

With the constant wear and tear, your office furniture can look worn out. Let our team give your office a sleek, new look with our furniture paint selection.

Bathroom Stall Partitions

Your bathroom partitions undergo a lot of daily use. Our experts are here to give them a “look-like-new” appearance to take away that gloomy bathroom look.

Convector Covers

If you have convector covers, they most likely cover a large portion of the room. Make sure they look their best with our various types of spray painting services.

Laboratory Casework

Laboratory Equipment is handled on a daily basis, but should always look pristine. Give us a call to give your lab a revamped look with our professional painting services.

Elevator Doors

If your elevator looks old, it can give customers a bad impression of your business. Elevator maintenance is key and our team is happy to re-paint yours with our metallic paint for that brand new look.

Refrigeration Displays

Refrigeration displays must always be kept in the best shape possible. If you have a display or commercial refrigerator that needs its appearance renewed, contact our professionals to find out about our appliance safe paint.

Medical Equipment

The appearance of your medical equipment may make it look like it’s no longer functional but with our spray-paint treatments, save yourself from unneeded medical equipment repair or replacement.

Manufacturing Equipment

Manufacturing companies need their equipment to look and work their best at all times. Our equipment painting experts can have your equipment looking like new.


Entrances for a business or office can form a customer’s first impression, which is very important in their decision making. Let our professionals transform your entryway décor into something appealing and welcoming.

Office Fronts

The building façade of your office can entice customers to your company from miles away. With the help of our electrostatic paint job, your building will be the talk of the block!

Call us and let us know what you need spray painted today.

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