Metallic Paint & Specialty Coatings

Spray Finishes understands the importance of looking your best. That’s why we use the most durable finishes available for professionals, including Scuffmasters and matches to powder coating in both clear and top coats. All of the company’s coatings are earth and design friendly. They are also the most durable finishes. For all of our custom match metallic paint & specialty coatings, Stone Services can do so in house.

Metallic & Specialty Coatings Services

Using Scuffmaster paint, Spray Finishes, a Division of Stone Services is capable of providing:

  • Smooth Pearl
  • Ambient Metallic
  • Solid Metal
  • Armour
  • Liqua Pearl
  • Polomyx
  • Zolatone

Call us and let us know what you need spray painted today.

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