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Reducing Overspray

Choosing spray paint over a brush will get the job done quicker. While overspray can be a common problem in spray painting, remembering a few simple preliminary steps should help fix the issue.

Metallic Spray Paint Application 101

Adding a fresh coat of paint can bring new life to a tired item. Spray painting is a quick and easy way to get that good-as-new look. Metallic spray paint application, in particular, requires attention to detail to ensure the coating comes out even and polished. Here are some tips to keep in mind to get it done right, every time.

Your Staircase Fixer Upper

Is Your Staircase In Need Of A Fixer Upper? Your staircase is more than a vehicle to take you from one floor to another. As we all take on home or office renovation projects, there are always a few features…

Tips And Tricks For Painting In The Fall

Sometimes, no matter the conditions outside – you have to get things done. This is especially true if you have taken on a renovation project and don’t want to put things on hold as the cold weather comes through. Luckily, there are a few tips and facts to be mindful of if you are going to tackle painting in the fall.

Increasing Your Foot Traffic

With more and more brands going online and the rise of e-commerce businesses, it may seem appealing to rid yourself of rent and store merchandising. However, maintaining a physical store will always come with its advantages.

How To Remove Spray Paint

Face it, we all love spray paint. More times than not, it guarantees a smooth finish without the use of a primer. Spray paint can be used for a multitude of surfaces and projects. The limits you encounter when it comes to spray paint application are few and far between, so whether you are highlighting select features in your home or office space, updating old furniture, or using it for protective purposes – we have some tips for you.

Common Spray Painting Mistakes

We commonly have visions about our upcoming home renovation projects. We imagine what the space will look like in all its perfect grandeur. We also seem to think that projects take less time, effort, and manpower than they actually do.

Your Home’s Architectural Features

The integrity of older homes and buildings should always be protected. As a homeowner, investing your time and money into a heritage home can be bittersweet. Purchasing a home with history means you’re purchasing the architectural features of that time period. Although they were once pristine and new, today, they may need some significant updating.

Update With Paint 101

If you’re unsure how to upgrade your office, incorporating paint is not only one of the easiest options, it can also be the most beneficial for workflow. Here are some great ways you can introduce paint into your workspace.