Reducing Overspray The Right Way When Spray Painting

Spray painting eliminates both the monotonous action of painting with a brush, as well as the brushstrokes that are often a part of the painted object. Choosing spray paint over a brush will get the job done quicker.

While overspray can be a common problem in spray painting, remembering a few simple preliminary steps should help fix the issue.

Size Up The Work

Choosing the correct tool for the project is vital. You can select a spray can for small projects, an electric spray gun, or air power spray gun for painting exteriors. Use a medium nozzle when working on the walls of an interior room, and a larger nozzle if painting a larger exterior surface.

Maintain Distance

It is ‘best practice’ to stand six to ten inches from the object you are painting. If you’re too close to the surface being painted, the eye will only see that area, resulting in a thicker concentration of paint in one section. If you’re too far from the surface, those tiny particles of airborne paint will land everywhere but the intended target.

Sustain Slow and Steady Pressure

Maintaining a light, slow, and steady pressure with the nozzle is another recommendation in reducing overspray. Keep the arm moving horizontally and release finger only when at the end of a pass. Repeat until the surface is covered top to bottom. It is also recommended to spray the paint lightly and build upon the initial layer.

Let Common Sense Prevail

Reducing overspray is a matter of proper preparation before you begin to paint. Use masking tape to cover what you do not want the paint to touch. If you cannot move surrounding objects out of the way, wrap objects tightly with a thick drop cloth or plastic, but never newspaper.

Overspray is a common result for first-time spray painters. Fortunately, the experts at Spray Finishes can introduce you to the wonders of electrostatic spray painting. Contact us today for a quote!

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