4 Tips For Painting Wood Furniture We Think You Should Know

Whether it is those wooden Adirondack chairs that serve faithfully through the summer and winter months, the weathered wood picnic table that stands its ground through the ravages of spring rains, or a statement piece handed down over the years, take the resourceful route and find a way to give these objects a second chance.

The first tip for painting wood surfaces is to use spray paint! Spray painting wood furniture requires prep work and patience, but in adhering to our tips for painting wood, so too will the spray paint adhere well.

Some other common-sense tips for painting wood furniture with spray paint include:

Exercising Precaution

Do not forget to wear a painter’s mask to avoid breathing in paint particles, as well as the use of eye protection. If spray painting furniture indoors, be sure the room has proper ventilation. Stay up to date with the weather forecast to avoid painting outdoors when windy or raining.

Remove or cover securely cushioned chair pads and place a drop cloth under the object you are painting.

Smoothing The Rough Spots

To ensure a smooth painted finish, sand the rough spots with both coarse and fine sandpaper. Brush or vacuum away all residual dust thoroughly. Never use water on wood furniture.

Remembering To Prime

Wood furniture requires a primer to be sprayed across all surfaces needing paint. Be sure the primer is compatible with the spray paint you are using and that the primer is thoroughly dry before applying that dazzling color. This step in the wood painting process is essential to attaining a smooth and shiny finish.

Controlling The Spray

It is imperative to get a good grip on the spray can, moving the arm with steady pressure to avoid lighter and heavier paint concentration. Stand a minimum of 10 inches from the object you’re painting. Practice your strokes on scrap wood until you’re comfortable with the results.

Giving your tired, wood furniture a new look is a great alternative to leaving those historic pieces behind. Electrostatic spray paint is the way to go if you want to minimize your application coats and achieve the perfect, even finish. Contact Spray Finishes to get the results you desire!

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