Upgrading Your Manufacturing Equipment With Spray Paint

First impressions are important for businesses, no matter the industry. Industrial manufacturing companies are no exception.

The company brand is the company’s reputation for quality, but that quality is not limited to the end product. The brand reputation also involves staff morale and the effective functioning and appearance of the manufacturing equipment.  Continual manufacturing equipment maintenance could begin to wear on the confidence of staff and future clients. What’s more, a well-maintained interior doesn’t end at reception. Bringing potential clients behind the scenes shows them you are transparent with your daily operations and proud of your work environment.

Machinery showing flaking or chipped paint could sound warning bells to the inspectors of several industries.

Upgrading Your Manufacturing Equipment With Spray Paint

The use of primers and special rustproof paints can add years of service to your equipment, ultimately lowering regular maintenance costs.

As with any spray paint project, the prep work is the essential ingredient to success.

  • The first step in the prep to industrial spray-painting always begins with communicating the painting process and safety guidelines to all members of the firm.
  • The parts of the machine, not to be painted, are masked off with paper.
  • Before any painting, there comes the cleaning with chemical grease cutters, the scraping, and the sanding. If needed, industrial-strength abrasive material is used to remove the grease and grime that accumulated over time and hinders proper adhesion of paint to the machine surface.
  • Next comes the spraying of a primer coat to the machine, and a base coat.
  • Depending on the equipment, and the manufacturing environment, electrostatic spray painting is chosen to provide a more durable finish.

Of course, even if you’re running a small to medium-sized business, you may want to consider the expertise of an electrostatic spray painting team.

Acceleron Inc.

Spray Finishes recently completed a project for Acceleron Inc., an industry leader in electron laser beam technology, welding, drilling, and cutting services. The Spray Finishes technicians painted their large manufacturing equipment in their warehouse on-site. Supplying machinery parts from their warehouse, we used a fresh coat of epoxy paint and were able to custom match all of their “signature” colors.

The goal was to update the entire environment without having to invest in new equipment, and thanks to the services provided by Spray Finishes, they’ve had more prospective clients coming into their space.

If your manufacturing equipment could use a facelift – don’t hesitate to contact our experts at Spray Finishes!

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