4 Ways to Ensure Perfect Metallic Spray Paint Application

Adding a fresh coat of paint can bring new life to a tired item. Spray painting is a quick and easy way to get that good-as-new look. Metallic spray paint application, in particular, requires attention to detail to ensure the coating comes out even and polished. Here are some tips to keep in mind to get it done right, every time.

Prep Your Workspace

Spray paint does just that, it sprays. Even the most meticulous painters are bound to have excess paint spraying outside the lines. To prevent anything from getting ruined, lay down newspaper, plastic, or any other protective covering. Be aware that even if you are spray painting a small item, the reach of the spray can is the same. It’s better to be safe than sorry and provide a large, worry-free workspace.

Prep Your Item

Since metallic spray makes things shiny; it is important to have a smooth surface to cover. You can pick up some sandpaper at your local hardware store if you need to sand down any imperfections, be sure to clean up the dust before spraying. You can also use rubbing alcohol to remove oils from the surface.

Prime Your Item

We also recommend using a primer on the item before applying the metallic color to get the best results. This will enhance the appearance of your final color while also extending the life of the color. An added bonus, using a spray base coat gives inexperienced painters a practice run on properly coating with a spray bottle.

Apply Multiple Coats

It’s important to shake the bottle before you start spraying vigorously. Hold the bottle about 8 inches away from the surface while spraying. When applying each coat, be sure to spray in a consistent direction to get an even coat. Try not to stop in the middle of a coat, as you can end up with splotchy marks. Leave enough time in between coats for it to properly dry.

Metallic spray paint application takes practice. If you can, do a test run before trying it out on your product. The most efficient method to-date is electrostatic spray paint application. Electrically charged particles in paint are drawn to the desired surface, leaving little to no waste or overspray. If you want an area spray painted and you want to ensure it’s done right the first time – contact the experts at Spray Finishes today!

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