Making The Right Impression: Front Office Reception

The colloquial expression of not judging a book by its cover is meant to infer that one should not judge the value of anything, or anyone, by outward appearance.  When, however, outer appearance pertains to a medical front office where persons are suffering the A-to-Z range of health conditions, outward appearance does indeed reflect upon the doctor and office medical staff.

Chairs And Cheer

Those who walk into a medical front office reception area are there for treatment of what ails them.  Socializing with other patients is not uppermost in mind. Those who are ill want to see hope and help. Doctors who understand this patient expectation will take the time to consider their front office décor, along with their degrees, awards, and achievements that hang on the wall.  This front office planning will:

  • Provide ‘elbow room’ between chairs that entice patients to sit without fear of ‘catching’ another patient’s germs.
  • Provide comfortable vinyl chairs with thickly padded seats, ergonomic lumbar back support, and wide armrests.
  • Coordinate the chair color with the wall and floor color to give a visual image of good order.
  • Select neutral colors for walls, chairs, and floors, a few artificial or real potted green plants, and colorful photos of happy moments to grace the walls. Consult the color psychology chart to help maintain the appropriate vibe in your office space.

Keep It Light

Keep things light for persons with varying illnesses. Choose fashion, travel, sports, general interest magazines, puzzles, crossword, and word search books to keep minds occupied and happy while waiting.  Show tranquil video images of fish swimming, inspiring autumn, or spring landscapes in various geographic areas on a wide-screen TV, and pipe in the light-and-easy listening music to add to the atmosphere of a restful oasis.

Remember The Patient

Provide the necessary creature comfort of a water cooler, or small refrigerator containing small bottles of water and juice.  Provide a machine to dispense hot water for tea along with a tin of cookies.  Do not forget the tissues for the tables for those with the sniffles and coughs! A wide door into the front office brings comfort to those who come with wheelchairs, walkers, and canes.

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