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5 Best Ways to Clean Painted Walls

Let’s add another item to your cleaning list! Fortunately, cleaning your walls is a task that doesn’t have to be stressful. We’ve curated some great tips to help you maintain the look of a fresh new coat of paint. Incorporating this task regularly into your cleaning routine will save you hours and even more drastic cleaning measures down the road. Here are the six best ways to clean painted walls in your home, whether you have oil or water-based paint.

Essential Springtime Painting Tips for Your Commercial Property

Taking on a project as large as painting your commercial property may seem a little burdensome, but the good news is – it doesn’t have to be. Acknowledging why it’s needed is half the battle. This is your business and it represents you. Your clients want to know that you take pride in your company and that you will put as much effort into your relationship and service with them. This is your first impression. Electrostatic paint offers customized solutions, and it always gets the look just right.

After a long taxing winter, we look forward to the spring and the revival of life. Your commercial property may have become one of many victims to the harsh elements of the cold. Let’s share some springtime paint tips to get your property looking its best.

6 Best Interior Paint Colors Trending for 2019

We’ve done some research to get the inside scoop on the best interior paint color trends of 2019. The days of drab and dreary are behind us. It’s looking like 2019 will be the year of color, and lots of it! We couldn’t be happier. Thanks to electrostatic paint, any color you desire can be easily replicated or creatively customized. This leaves more room for having fun with choosing interior colors, and less time worrying about being stuck with an unsightly color for years to come.

Tips for Working with Waterborne Paint

Become a Master with Waterborne Paint Many autobody shops and automotive manufacturers throughout the United States are switching from solvent-based paint to waterborne paint because it reduces the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), improving air quality and decreasing health…

Custom Color Match: How We Do It

Experience Our Unique Custom Color Match Technology One of the most exciting parts of any painting project is choosing the colors you want for your space. At Spray Finishes, we’re custom color match experts. Giving you the exact color you’re…