Preparing Your Business With These Springtime Paint Tips

Taking on a project as large as painting your commercial property may seem a little burdensome, but the good news is – it doesn’t have to be. Acknowledging why it’s needed is half the battle. This is your business and it represents you. Your clients want to know that you take pride in your company and that you will put as much effort into your relationship and service with them. This is your first impression. Electrostatic paint offers customized solutions, and it always gets the look just right.

After a long taxing winter, we look forward to the spring and the revival of life. Your commercial property may have become one of many victims to the harsh elements of the cold. Let’s share some springtime paint tips to get your property looking its best.

Define your project

It would be a good idea to create the scope of your upcoming painting project. Consider your property as a whole and consider every surface, exterior and interior which may need painting. It’s better to start with an estimate of the job that’s realistic, and if some areas get removed from the list that’s okay too. Consider your business and account for the time needed to get the project completed. Will you keep your business hours the same? Would it affect your daily hours of operation for your employees? These are good places to start.

Choose your colors

This is actually a good time to do some thorough research. The right colors will compliment your business and create an ideal first impression. Consulting a color psychology chart may be very beneficial if you’re in a particular field and your clients may be sensitive or responsive to certain colors. If you have a logo or customized colors in your business model – consider customizing your paint to match it. You’d be surprised how a coat of paint could evoke such strong opinions.

Safety first

This isn’t your little do-it-yourself project at home, where you spray paint an end table to bring it to life. This is a fully-functioning business and you have employees and clients to be mindful of. Your safety procedures should be at their peak. Selecting a paint product and method that has everyone’s best interests in mind is essential. You should contemplate paint with minimal health and safety concerns, preferably odorless, and as beneficial to the environment as possible.

What comes first?

More times than not, you cannot just have a professional come and start painting. The preparations beforehand will make for an even more streamlined painting process. Any additional needs should be planned out prior to booking and consulting with an electrostatic painting company. Additional services may include pressure washing, stripping and sanding, and may even go as far as requiring minor restoration to surfaces. You need to give your color a fair chance at looking its best with a solid foundation.

The right company

Commercial buildings require an experienced contractor. Do your homework and consult their portfolio or even go and check out their work first hand. Have them in for a consultation and make sure they have considered all aspects of your project. You have to be confident in their expertise and know that they will deliver everything they are promising you.

Spray Finishes is your seasoned electrostatic painting company. We are always available for on-site estimates and consultations. If your business or commercial space is in need of some springtime paint – contact our team today!

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