Ceiling Paint Trends: Is This The New Thing?

Renovating a home or office space requires the navigation of a whole slew of options. While some decisions may be more fun than others, choosing paint colors seems to be one of the highlights. Thanks to the beauty of the digital world, we have an infinite number of outlets we can consult to become inspired. Researching home interior trends or paint color trends will usually give you more than enough of that inspiration you seek.

When it comes to our home or office interior, our walls aren’t the only surfaces that could benefit from color. If you’re bold enough to think outside of the box – look up. Your ceiling has great potential to enhance not only your wall color, but also the vibe of your entire space. Let’s look at some popular ceiling paint trends other individuals are experimenting with.

Extend your walls

If you’re working with a larger space, extending the color you have on your walls to your ceiling may be a neat idea. This effect will give your room a more intimate, cozy-factor. Since you will be enveloping yourself in uniformity, you should expect the space to look a little smaller, so staying with a lighter, more tranquil color is wise.

Highlight your features

If the space in question has any unique architectural elements or features on the ceiling, a great way to highlight these is by surrounding them with a contrasting color. We’re talking about any enchanting light fixtures, bold crown molding, or decorative touches. Go for a deep or striking color to really complement these architectural elements.

Go for bold

If you have a room with ample natural light, why not make a statement? Using dark colors on your ceiling such as black, navy, or slate grey could really give your space a warm feel. Dark colors on your ceiling will give the impression that the ceiling is lower, so having a good amount of light and some neutral furniture will really do a good job of balancing it out. Dining rooms are typically great spaces to up the drama and set the mood for food.

Light bright

If you’re looking to energize and put life back into a smaller space, may we suggest a pop of color? Don’t be afraid to experiment. If you’re in the presence of more subdued furniture and lighter walls, the brighter the better. Because kitchens and bathrooms carry many similar colored features, such as refrigerators, countertops, bathtubs, etc. – these are the areas that could really benefit. We like sunny yellow, warm oranges, and vibrant blues.

Your ceiling is not at its best if it’s stark white. The point of any renovation project is to improve the condition of your home or office space, ultimately getting the most enjoyment out of the room as possible. Color is one great way to make a space sing – so why not use every available surface?

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