Do You Know the Best Ways to Clean Painted Walls?

Let’s add another item to your cleaning list! Fortunately, cleaning your walls is a task that doesn’t have to be stressful. We’ve curated some great tips to help you maintain the look of a fresh new coat of paint. Incorporating this task regularly into your cleaning routine will save you hours and even more drastic cleaning measures down the road.

Here are the six best ways to clean painted walls in your home, whether you have oil or water-based paint.

A good dusting

We all know what happens to dust when you take a wet cloth to it – it just gets moved around. It may appear your walls are dust-free, but more times than not they need a thorough wipe down. Dry or electrostatic cloths usually do the trick – and a longer soft brush can get to those difficult to reach areas.


These things are everywhere. Fingerprints end up on the strangest of surfaces and end up looking unsightly. Because of the residue that’s left behind from our touch – a mild detergent and soft sponge will yield the best results. For stubborn prints, try a gallon of water and 1/4 cup baking soda.


Mold is a tough one. Not only is it unattractive, but it can also be a major health concern for those with weak respiratory systems. Your bathroom and kitchen will usually see the most action. Combine bleach and water at a ratio of 1:3 and spray the affected areas.

Grease and Oil

Get your hands on products capable of cutting through the grease. Sometimes plain old water won’t cut it for more stubborn marks. If you have dish detergent, there’s usually a grease-fighting component to tackle dishes, so you don’t need to go out and buy another product. Simply mix with warm water and scrub.


Don’t forget to rinse those walls after all is said and done. Replenish your bucket of water often to avoid putting the dirt back on the walls.

Keep an eye out for new stains and prints for the best maintenance practices. It’s easier to get out a new stain than one that’s been sitting for days. Staying on top of these tips could keep your walls looking like new and expand the duration of your paint. Contact Spray Finishes and see how we accommodate your painting needs!

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