What’s Old Is New Again: Electrostatic Paint Elevator Doors

The beautiful thing about the architecture in the Tri-State area is the history behind it. While we all love a shiny new building and all its modern touches, there’s just something unique about the character of an older building. If you’re lucky enough to own or work in a commercial space with history, odds are there may be some building features that could use a little TLC.

Protecting the integrity of your commercial space is always the goal. There are a multitude of ways to make updates to the features in your space, but with every upgrade, you risk losing that character we’ve all come to know and love. Some features in particular really represent the time period that they were constructed. This is the first reason why you should electrostatic paint elevator doors. Elevator doors tend to carry some of the most beautiful details, especially if they’re reminiscent of a special time.

What is electrostatic spray painting?

Electrostatic spray painting is a method of using charging electrodes to create a stronger attraction between the paint and the object or feature. Charging electrodes are located at the tip of a spray gun, as the paint moves through the device, the paint is atomized and negatively charged. This helps to create a stronger electrostatic field between the paint and the object, including its respective mist, ensuring that no paint is wasted.

Elevator refurbishment projects require effective time-management. Your business does not have to suffer in the interim of a restoration. Electrostatic painting on-site means the job will get done as quickly as possible.

Main Advantages

Minimal application: you can achieve a thin, even coat with the least amount of applications possible.

Quality improvement: on-site application means there are no baking requirements to seal the paint to the object, as with other forms of electrostatically charged paint.

No overspray: because you can get away with fewer coats to achieve an even finish, you won’t see thicker or uneven results.

Environmental impact: less spray means you are reducing volatile organic compound emissions into the atmosphere.

Cost effective: the costs are significantly less due to quick on-site application, reduced applications, and the shorter time period for which your business’s accessibility will be affected.

Layer and layers of paint over the years can really take its toll on any surface. This is especially true for the features of a space we wish to keep distinguished. Spray Finishes delivers the promise of a flawless finish, while protecting its integrity. Let the experts at Spray Finishes show you the way. Contact us today for a consultation!

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