Easy DIY Dresser Makeover Ideas

Happy Bulk Day, that special day when that which is old becomes new again with just a bit of thought and imagination! Imagine that old dresser or chest of drawers converted to a bar or TV stand for the family room, a rolling tool chest for dad, or perhaps a bathroom vanity.

The official term for such DIY dresser makeovers is up-cycling.

The first step always begins with the prep, of course!  Start by removing the knobs and dresser drawer handles and fill all holes with wood filler.  Ensure a smooth painted finish by sanding off the old varnish, shellac, and the old paint. Use coarse sandpaper to begin and then switch to a finer grit.  Using only coarse sandpaper may roughen the wood too much and hinder a smooth finish.  Consider a prime coat, so the prior finish does not show.

The next step in the DIY dresser makeover project is the fun of determining the new look for that old dresser.

Wood Staining: Re-staining the natural wood color and shade can highlight the wood grain. If the dresser is in good shape, staining rather than painting is also an option.

Metallic or Colored Paint: Assess the style of the furniture.  Neutral grays, black and white, are best for those pieces with ‘straight’ lines, while a bit of a soft, bold color, two colors, or framing the color with white or gold-leaf paint in dresser grooves will work to highlight dressers with ‘feminine’ style curves.  Keeping some of the traditional wood on the dresser top, sides, or the drawers is also an effective method of balancing the old with the new color design.  Do not forget to give drawer hardware a fresh look with a complementary color or gold-leaf paint. Electrostatic paint guarantees perfect results, every time. With minimal applications, the charged particles in the paint create a wrapping effect, greatly reducing the amount of over-spray and wasted paint.

Graphic Images and Designs: Consider those dresser drawers as an art canvas and draw or stencil a sailboat, tree, or flowers to front, top, or sides of the dresser or chest. Experiment with geometric shapes or stripes using painter’s tape to get sharp edges. Stencil gold or gold-leaf stars on a dark blue dresser, for a child interested in outer space, or glue cartoon character wallpaper on the drawer fronts of a small child’s dresser.

Chalk Paint:  Chalk paint gives a dresser an ‘aged’ appearance due to its matte, chalky appearance.  Due to the opacity of chalk paint, sanding and priming are not usually needed, and one coat of the color may be enough. The water-based nature of the paint makes cleaning brushes and paint rollers easy. To further add to the vintage look that chalk paint produces, waxes and finishes are painted over the dried paint to give a smooth glossy sheen.

Professional Results

If you’re looking for ways to revamp your dated furniture – Spray Finishes can help! We can assist you with residential and commercial projects, including metallic and specialty coatings. Contact us today!

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