Are You Using an HVLP Spray Gun?

When it comes to painting metal surfaces, the type of spray paint gun used is an important part of ensuring that professional, long-lasting results are achieved. At Spray Finishes, we recommend using HVLP spray guns for all metal painting projects.

What Are HVLP Spray Guns?

The aim of any spray gun is to break liquid paint up into tiny particles, or atomize it, so it turns into a mist of spray. As a rule, the smaller the droplet size, the more uniform the coating and the better the results. Conventional spray guns use very high air pressure to force paint through the tip at such high velocities that some droplets bounce back off the surface into the air rather than sticking to the substrate. This is not only a waste of paint, it can also cause paint to land on surfaces not intended for painting.

HVLP stands for High Volume of air at a Low pneumatic Pressure. A typical HVLP spray gun contains an integrated turbine which blows warm air and the liquid paint towards the surface to be painted. HVLP is often the preferred choice for painting metal mainly because it creates a very fine mist of paint and has a higher transference rate than other spray paint methods. That simply means more paint gets onto the intended surface rather than dissipated into the air. When used by experienced sprayers, HVLP spray guns are an effective way of covering all kinds of metal surfaces such as metal window frames, outdoor artwork, and store fronts.

What Are the Advantages of Using HVLP Spray Guns?

There are many advantages of using the HVLP method of spray painting:

  1. It’s fast: HVLP spray guns cover more surface area in less time than other methods.
  2. It’s a money-saver: With HVLP, more paint gets on the surface that would otherwise go airborne, so you’ll need to buy less paint.
  3. It’s more environmentally friendly: A reduction of airborne paint particles also means less air pollution.
  4. It’s precise: HVLP enables more finessed painting with less overspray for more accurate results.
  5. It’s heathier: The HVLP process produces lower levels of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which is better for workers and residents.
  6. It’s versatile: The system can spray more than paint. It can be used for primer, contact adhesives, varnish, lacquer, metallic coatings, vinyl fluids, and more.
  7. It’s convenient: HVLP units are lightweight, compact, and portable, which makes on-site paint spraying an easy option.

What Are Some Best Practices When Using HVLP Spray Guns?

These 5 tips will help ensure the best results possible:

  1. Be sure to mix the correct ratio of air and paint. Not enough air will result in the paint having poor coverage and durability. Too much air will blow the paint everywhere except for the surface that needs to be coated.
  2. Add some thinner to the paint since the warm air produced by the HVLP turbine can dry the paint slightly and result in an uneven finish.
  3. Move the sprayer evenly, in an elliptical shape while painting.
  4. Don’t use halogenated hydrocarbon solvents in an HVLP spray painting system. Also, never put cleaning agents like trichloroethane or methylene chloride through an HVLP spray gun.
  5. HVLP spray guns won’t yield the best results in unexperienced hands. Consider hiring a professional paint contractor like Spray Finishes who can guarantee a flawless, even finish.

As long as these guidelines are adhered to, you can expect HVLP spray guns to give you the best metal paint job possible, every time.

Spray Finishes, a division of Stone Services, has been in the electrostatic spray painting business since 1938. They specialize in on-site painting, and also have a 10,000 square foot shop for large off-site jobs. Spray Finishes’ friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to serve you at any of their five tristate area locations, including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island, and Westchester. Contact Spray Finishes today for an estimate on your next painting project.

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