What Colors Are Businesses Putting On Their Walls?

We’ve done some research to get the inside scoop on the best interior paint color trends of 2019. The days of drab and dreary are behind us. It’s looking like 2019 will be the year of color, and lots of it! We couldn’t be happier. Thanks to electrostatic paint, any color you desire can be easily replicated or creatively customized. This leaves more room for having fun with choosing interior colors, and less time worrying about being stuck with an unsightly color for years to come.

What does 2019 look like?

Pretty Pale Pink

Believe it or not, pale pink has joined our list as a neutral. It’s trending as a great option because of its compatibility with so many other shades. It’s suggested as a great palette to pair with copious amounts of white or yellow.

Forest Green

Deep green has a nice calming impact. A rich contemporary green could reflect a love of nature and the outdoors. Slate grey or brown seem to highlight its warmth, staying with the overall theme of wilderness and serenity.

Happy Blues

A pale blue, almost in the grey zone could be incredibly versatile. Its softness allows for calming energy and safe space. You could play it safe and pair it with earthy tones and wood accents or use it as a foundation for a pop of color like bright orange.

Mellow Yellow

They’re saying yellow represents optimism, and people want more of that! It’s inviting and makes you happy, just like the sun. If yellow is going to be your thing, consider accenting it with cooler blues, pinks, and neutral beige.

Terracotta Inspiration

The is a nice tone. Call it southwestern inspiration or just the beautiful pots you see on a front porch. It’s earthy, warm, and charming. It brings in natural elements and looks most appealing with rich teal blue for drama, or a sage green for a softer feel.

Worthy Whites

This may seem boring to those adventurous folks out there, but a white palette or what they’re calling “almost-whites” seem to be quite popular. Keeping its softness in mind, pairing it with lighter shades of grey, blue, and pink seem to look very minimalistic and chic.

You may think that you can’t consider these color trends for your place of business. The good news is the dynamic of the work environment is changing. It’s not about boring grey cubicles and white walls anymore. People want to feel calm and invited into their workspace, because a happy employee is a productive one. If you are looking for ways to revive your business interior, and a fresh coat of electrostatic paint is the answer – contact the team at Spray Finishes today to learn more!

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