Find the Perfect Paint Contractor for Your Commercial Space

Hiring a commercial paint contractor for your office? There are plenty of reputable contractors out there who will do a high-quality job at a fair price. Unfortunately, there are also those contractors who just want to cut corners and take your cash. Avoid these eight common mistakes when hiring a commercial paint contractor and you should be in the clear.

Mistake #1: Hiring an uninsured contractor.

You want your contractor to have liability insurance and be able to show you proof of coverage. Otherwise you could be held liable for any injuries suffered by the crew while they are on your property.

Mistake #2: Hiring an unlicensed contractor.

Most states require contractors, painters included, to be licensed. Ask for the license number of the contractor to verify that he’s qualified to handle this work. If he’s hesitant to show the license or gives an excuse, then you should be suspicious and look for someone who definitely has a license.

Mistake #3: Using a “one-man” painting company.

You may be tempted to hire a one-man operation because it seems like a simpler option, as opposed to having a crew of guys in your space. However, a single guy is likely to take twice as long to finish the job. And what happens if he can’t make it one day? There’s no one to keep the work going in his absence.

Mistake #4: Using a new or inexperienced painting company.

Be sure to ask your prospective commercial painting contractor how long they have been in business. Having years of experience helps assure you they have the skills to get the job done right and on time.

Mistake #5: Not getting references.

The best way for you to find out about the quality of a painter’s work is to ask previous customers. Any professional in your area that has been in business for a while should be able to provide you with references upon request. If he can’t or won’t, then definitely look elsewhere.

Mistake #6: Using a painting company with no physical address. 

Beware of contractors from out of town or without a physical home office. Often times they’ll descend on an area to try and get quick work, then leave without any way to contact them if any issues arise. Using a local painting contractor with a physical street address will help protect your investment because they can always come back for touch-ups or repairs if needed.

Mistake #7: Not using written contracts. 

In a perfect world, we’d close all of our business deals with a firm handshake. But reality is, you always need to have a written contract with your commercial painting contractor. Be sure that you understand the contract terms before signing. And make sure that everyone is in agreement before the job begins to avoid any confusion or disputes down the line.

Mistake #8: Making a final payment before the job is done.

Giving a deposit at the start of a job, and even paying a bit more halfway through the job, is an appropriate expectation. But never give the final payment until the job is complete and you are 100% satisfied with the results.


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