9 Reasons You Should Consider Electrostatic Spray Painting

If you are a business owner with metal office equipment or any metal surfaces in your workspace, then you need to know about electrostatic spray painting. This unique painting process was developed specifically for metal surfaces.

The electrostatic painting process positively charges the paint molecules as they leave the spray head. The positively charged paint is then naturally attracted to the negatively charged metal surface you’re painting—enabling the paint to evenly coat all surfaces, from all directions, no matter how intricate the piece being painted is.

If you’ve got chipped, faded, or outdated metal equipment in your office or workspace, here are nine reasons why you should consider electrostatic spray painting.

  1. Superior Performance.

The performance and durability of electrostatically applied paint outperforms any other type of paint coating. Each paint particle electrically bonds itself to the painted metal surface, resulting in a professional, high-quality finish every time.

  1. Minimal Overspray.

Unlike conventional spray processes, the paint is statically drawn to the metal from all directions so there is typically minimal overspray, spatters, drips, or mess. But precautions are always taken to protect surrounding areas.

  1. You Save Money, Two Ways.

Are you thinking about replacing equipment that works fine but just doesn’t look great anymore? Electrostatic spray painting can make old equipment look brand new at a fraction of the cost of buying new equipment or replacing large metal surfaces.

Also, consider that electrostatic paint sticks to metal surfaces for a gorgeous first coat, making additional coats of paint unnecessary in most cases. And using less paint means lower costs for you.

  1. It Dries Quickly.

Most electrostatic paint jobs are dry to the touch within hours and you can safely use your newly painted equipment within 24 hours.

  1. It’s Easy to Clean.

Electrostatic painted surfaces resist dirt, spills, and stains. Any mess can be wiped up with a clean damp cloth, and the enamel-like finish won’t be harmed by any disinfectants or common cleaning products you like to use.

  1. It’s Hygienic.

Electrostatic painting creates a non-porous surface. Non-porous surfaces are not hospitable environments for viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens that can easily spread around offices.

  1. There’s a Wide Choice of Colors.

Don’t think you’re limited to drab, industrial colors with electrostatic painting. You can custom match physical samples of existing colors as well as a wide array of any manufacturer’s standard paint colors.

  1. It’s Convenient.

All work can be done on-site at your office or place of business. First, your technicians will carefully protect all surrounding areas before painting. Then they’ll work quickly and quietly, leaving your work space as clean as they found it.

  1. You’ll Deal with Experts.

Spray Finishes has been a leader in electrostatic painting for almost 80 years. In that time they’ve perfected their process and have kept pace with advancements in the field. Furthermore, your equipment will be painted by courteous technicians who have been extensively trained in the electrostatic process, including the latest safety standards, so you can be sure that you’ll get professional-quality results every time.

Whether you are looking to paint file cabinets, bathroom partitions, elevator doors, lockers, or any other piece of metal equipment, consider electrostatic spray painting from Spray Finishes.

Spray Finishes, a division of Stone Services, has been in the electrostatic spray painting business since 1938. They specialize in on-site painting, and also have a 10,000 square foot shop for large off-site jobs. Spray Finishes’ friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to serve you at any of their five tristate area locations, including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island, and Westchester. Contact Spray Finishes today for an estimate on your next painting project.

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