4 Benefits Of Electrostatic Paint Spray Guns

Before you tackle any paint job, it’s always a good idea to become well-versed on the many options available to get the project done. While your options are vast, there are usually a few contenders that come out on top. One of our tried, tested, and true favorites has to be electrostatic spray paint.

Electrostatic painting has become one of the most efficient and cost-effective alternatives around. Here are some highlighted benefits of electrostatic paint we think you should know!

It’s just more efficient

This may seem like a broad benefit, but it’s profound. Electrostatic paint is electrically charged, making the adhering process seamless. Your paint will even change direction to find the surface you wish to cover, or it will surround a difficult surface area. This is commonly known as the wrap-around effect. This ensures your waste percentage is as low as possible.

It can save you big

Electrostatic spray paint may be pricier than what you’ll find at your local home improvement retailer, but once you begin the application, you’ll quickly see why. The cost for paint and materials is significantly lower, as the number of coats required to achieve the desired saturation is minimal.

It’s better for the environment

While you are using a sprayer for application, worry not, as the electrically charged paint will adhere with as little as 2 percent waste. When it comes to over-spray going into the environment, it’s negligible. And because you require fewer coats, the duration of application is greatly reduced.

It’s just better quality

Due to electrostatic paint’s ability to wrap-around surfaces and adhere to almost any area, you won’t have to worry about lackluster results. Electrostatic paint is great for traditional surfaces, as well as engraved surfaces, poles, porous materials, and fencing.

Large or small, any project can become manageable when you’re working with the right materials. What’s more, enlisting the help of seasoned professionals will ensure your job is not only accomplished, but perfected. For your electrostatic spray painting needs, contact Spray Finishes for a quote today!

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