Avoid These Common Painting Mistakes by Hiring a Professional

Although paint spraying can be turned into a DIY project, it’s not always wise to save that extra buck. There’s a lot more that goes into proper paint spraying techniques than one would think. At Spray Finishes, we are paint spraying experts, and we wanted to inform you of some common painting mistakes that we frequently see people run into. When it comes to painting, it’s best to leave it to the experts.

Improper Preparation

A clean finished look all starts with how you begin the job. Proper preparation is key. Make sure you line the surrounding area with protective coverings and protect your skin with appropriate attire and gloves. Priming is also essential before any painting job. It’s tough to remember all the proper preparation steps. At Spray Finishes, we are long-time experts in the field and will help to ensure your project goes smoothly from start to finish.

Not Cleaning the Paint Sprayer

Never leave your sprayer uncleaned. A messy sprayer will only prevent a productive pain job the next time you attempt to use it. Remember to always clean it after each use to prevent build up and dirt interference.

Over Spraying

It’s easy to overspray when you are not yet skilled with a paint sprayer. Over spraying will waste paint and give you undesired results. You can even damage surrounding items if the overspray reaches beyond your project. Practice spraying on scrap before you’re ready to cover your project.

Uneven Strokes

Oftentimes, beginners are not yet skilled enough to create consistent hands movements throughout a paint spraying project. That’s why uneven strokes are a common painting mistake. When painting, overlap strokes, about half an inch, to prevent lines. If your hand stays in one spot for too long, your strokes will also come out uneven. At Spray Finishes, we are skilled in paint spraying techniques and will help you achieve a perfect finish.

Spraying to Close to the Surface

This common painting mistake goes along with the aforementioned point. If you hold the sprayer too close to the surface, your paint job will come out uneven and blotchy. It’s best to keep a distance of 8-12 inches.

With a skilled paint spraying professional, you can avoid these common painting mistakes. Our painting professionals provide efficient, cost-effective, and clean painting for any type of project. To receive a quote on your next project, reach out to our team today.

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