How To Cure Common Spray Painting Mistakes

We commonly have visions about our upcoming home renovation projects. We imagine what the space will look like in all its perfect grandeur. We also seem to think that projects take less time, effort, and manpower than they actually do.

If you’re thinking about taking on a spray painting job, we’re here to lessen the blow should select spray painting mistakes occur. If you haven’t achieved the look you were going for and you’re wondering how to fix painting mistakes on walls – we can help with some painting tips and tricks.

Noticeable variance

If there’s a look of inconsistency, you need to level it out. If the paint has dried – use fine-grit sandpaper to buff out drips and runs. If the paint is still wet, you can use a camel hair brush to gently buff out the drips and runs. Using light coats, keep the sprayer moving in the same direction to reapply.

Hold the orange, please.

If you keep getting that infamous orange peel texture, let it dry. Once dry, sand until smooth. Hold your sprayer as close as possible to your work surface to avoid the reappearance of an orange peel.


Fisheyes, or the familiar appearance of them, are common occurrences after a paint job. If you do not adequately clean your surfaces before application, crater-like openings will gradually pop up. This is the result of some form of contamination on your walls, such as moisture, dirt, or rust. If the paint is still wet, wash it off and reapply once you’ve cleaned the area. If the paint is dry, you’ll need to wet sand the paint down to the bare surface before application. And don’t forget to thoroughly clean the surface beforehand!

Weathered paint

Overtime, paint can take on a lumpy and clotted consistency. Not only can older paint affect your smooth finish, but a dirty nozzle on your sprayer can be equally ineffective. Make sure your paint is well-stirred, and your nozzle has been rid of dried paint and other debris. Sand down your problem areas and reapply.

Ensuring the successful application of spray paint is dependent on many factors. If you’re looking for perfect results the first time – contact the experts at Spray Finishes. We can help with all of your commercial and residential electrostatic spray painting needs.

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