Color Suggestions for Painting the Office

Decades of research and studies have shown that colors used in a given surrounding can influence employee behavior and productivity. If you’re a business owner and you’re thinking about painting the office, then don’t automatically go for white or beige. We’re experts in commercial painting – looking to share some insights into how you can properly use colors in your place of business to inspire and motivate your staff.


Red is a powerful color that can evoke a strong physical response. Studies have shown that red increases heart rate, respiration, and even activates the “fight or flight” instinct. Painting the office red may cause increased stress, anxiety, and actually hinder work efforts in some cases.

However, those with physically demanding jobs may see an increase in productivity if their work environment is red. If you have employees that are standing on their feet all day, performing manual tasks, or handling heavy packages, then red is a smart choice. You may also choose to use red in areas of the office where you don’t want employees to linger, such as hallways or corridors.


Blue is a soothing color that helps calm the mind and increase focus and concentration. It enhances mental alertness and supports clear communication between co-workers. Blue is a great choice when painting most offices.

Blue is a brilliant color for the office if you have employees who must complete administrative tasks or work on projects that require maximum focus. Blue is also a great color in customer service call centers, where clear communication is essential, and in environments where a high degree of trust is crucial, like law offices, psychiatrists’ offices, and exam centers.


Painting the office yellow helps create an energetic and positive environment. It gives a boost to employees’ confidence levels and also creates feelings of being welcome and accepted.

The right shade of yellow can improve creativity and may be the best choice for firms that specialize in graphic design, advertising, marketing, interior design, and publishing. Yellow also helps spur ideas among employees at small start-up businesses. In addition, it’s a wonderful color for beauty salons.


Studies have found that most people associate green with nature and overall positive, calming feelings. The color green is restful for eyes and can help reduce eyestrain.

Green can help increase a sense of calm if you work in a strict deadline-driven industry such as package delivery, newspaper publication, and event planning. It’s also helpful to paint the office green if your employees are staring at computer screens for most of the day. Software coders, spreadsheet analysts, and engineers may benefit from a green environment.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors like white, light gray, beige, and cream will not particularly stimulate employees in a good or bad way. Most businesses opt to paint the office with neutral colors because they are a safe choice. If for some reason you must use neutral colors, then consider accenting with some of the colors listed above to get the desired psychological effects.

Remember how colors can influence employee productivity when you’re ready to paint your office, and then talk to the experts at Spray Finishes to find the perfect color.

Spray Finishes, a division of Stone Services, has been in the electrostatic spray painting business since 1938. They specialize in on-site painting, and also have a 10,000 square foot shop for large off-site jobs. Spray Finishes’ friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to serve you at any of their five tristate area locations, including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island, and Westchester. Contact Spray Finishes today for an estimate on your next painting project.

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