Spruce Up Your School

As the summer starts to wind down and September approaches, the team at Spray Finishes begins tackling many back to school projects. Schools are constantly looking for a budget-friendly way to spruce up the halls and classrooms in time for the upcoming year. Why buy new lockers or chairs when you can simply spray-paint them to look new?

One of the most recent projects Spray Finishes completed was at Long Island Lutheran Middle and High Schools. The schools were in need of freshening up their main entrances and lockers. They were looking to revamp the buildings’ environments to properly reflect the school’s colors of red and black. Showing school pride is important to many districts, helping the students and staff feel a sense of community.

Another recent project was at Louis M. Klein Middle School located in Harrison, New York. They were also interested in revamping the school’s lockers. The originally mint green lockers were spray-painted grey to give the school a cleaner, more modern look.

Not only does painting over existing materials in a school district help to save money and restore the aesthetic, but it is also a quick way to hide graffiti and blemishes that build up over the years.

When it comes to metal surfaces, Spray Finishes chooses electrostatic spray-painting. This method of spray-painting uses a spray gun that gives the paint a positive charge before leaving the nozzle. It acts as a magnet when making contact with the negatively charged metal objects. This allows the paint to cover every surface of the metal, making for a perfect spray-paint job.

If your school is looking for a new look without the hassle of buying new supplies, look no further than Spray Finishes. We are able to do projects on site for your convenience. Even if school has started, there is no need to worry! We can finish the job overnight on a weekend, with everything dried and ready to use again Monday morning. We have five tri-state area locations, including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island, and Westchester. Contact Spray Finishes today for an estimate on your next painting project.

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