Give Your Office An Update With Paint

As a business owner, you want your office space to send the right message. Your office environment should be optimized not only for potential clients walking through the door but also for your employees. Creating a workspace that helps to inspire your team will always be advantageous for productivity. Using particular colors has been known to affect individuals differently. While some colors evoke caution and anxiety, others can have relaxing effects, influencing one’s mood and creativity.

If you’re unsure how to upgrade your office, incorporating paint is not only one of the easiest options, it can also be the most beneficial for workflow. Here are some great ways you can introduce paint into your workspace.

Take advantage of color psychology

If you’re wondering how to make an old office look modern – bring some color into the space. When it comes to color selection, you’ll want to consult a psychology of color chart to ensure you’re creating the right atmosphere for your workspace. As previously mentioned, certain colors can work against productivity. Painting a large wall red or yellow could be on the alarming side if overused. If you want to get your team’s creative juices flowing, green has a very inspiring character to it and may actually boost productivity. Orange has been known to elicit attraction and encouragement, stimulating brain activity. Of course, you’ll want to select these colors for contrasts or accent walls, as too much of anything can sometimes do more harm than good.

Bring in Contrasting elements

If one color has the ability to conjure an emotional response, imagine what two colors can do. Contrasting colors is another great way to wake brain cells up. Beyond its aesthetically pleasing character, a contrast of colors can give your eyes a break. The muscle strain that ensues when staring at one color for too long can be alleviated when you can focus on a darker color intermittently. The adjustment between dark and light gives your eyes the balance it needs as they adjust. Using opposing colors are an option, such as blue and orange, or you can choose light and dark variations of the same color palette.

Make multiple tiny statements

If your office décor potential is limited, don’t worry. You don’t need huge walls and open spaces to create a beautiful work environment. Office spaces are commonly painted neutral colors, leaving employees in a sea of grey walls with matching furniture. Find an accent wall or feature in your office that could really benefit from a pop of color. Again, you don’t need to inundate every surface with color. The right splash of color dispersed here and there could break the neutrality and boredom. Making a space cheerful and enjoyable will surely prompt the right kind of motivation.

If you’re interested in painting your office space – Spray Finishes can help with your electrostatic painting needs. Contact us today for an on-site consultation!

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