Architectural Features: Highlight With Paint

The integrity of older homes and buildings should always be protected. As a homeowner, investing your time and money into a heritage home can be bittersweet. Purchasing a home with history means you’re purchasing the architectural features of that time period. Although they were once pristine and new, today, they may need some significant updating.

Common features of a home’s exterior which usually require a little TLC include rich woodwork, moldings, garage doors, and more. Electrostatic paint is a great way to revamp those decorative architectural elements. With higher-precision application, minimal coats, and on-site service, you won’t have to worry about further damaging these features.

Here are some considerations if you’re looking to paint your home’s unique architectural features.

What’s the focus?

Deciding on what features to highlight could be half the battle. If you want to bring focus to a particular element, using a lighter paint shade will give you the effect you seek. Using softer shades on window trims, balustrades, corbels, doors, and porches will allow them to stand out against the main house. Finer details will shine as the paint will catch the light. Windows could really pop if they’re given a contrasting trim. Once again, a lighter shade of paint will draw in that light, making the windows appear brighter, larger, and welcoming. Without a distinct trim, some windows may appear smaller, uninviting, and even non-existent.

Contrasting textures

The beauty of a home’s exterior comes together when there are multiple features at play. Different materials work harmoniously to get a home’s curb appeal just right. As some features will thrive with a fresh coat of paint, others will not. If you have brick or stone on your home, you’ll need to find a way to ensure it’s visually balanced. Homes with a brick or stone base could benefit if the top half is painted with a lighter shade. If the top half of your home is brick or stone, using a lighter color below will give the illusion that your home is visually too top heavy. Under these circumstances, a darker shade will give your home a more balanced appearance.

Test it out

As with any important decisions in your life, you’ll want to do your research. If you’re trying to decide on paint color combinations, it’s always a nice idea to consider the time period your house was built. Select house styles will only work with particular color combinations. Using large paint swatches, test out your colors with real paint. Check the colors outside at various times during the day as well. You’ll want to see if your combinations are complementary both during the day and in the evening.

If you’re thinking about making upgrades to your heritage home – the experts at Spray Finishes can help. Spray Finishes delivers the promise of a flawless finish, while protecting the integrity of your home. Contact us today for a consultation!

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